Under-seat Tool Canister

Design Your Own Tool Canister
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Tool Canister, Black and Red
Tool Canister in Black and Red with silver gray lining ..

Tool Canister, Black and sand
Tool Canister in Black and Sand with silver gray lining ..

Tool Canister, Gray and Navy
Tool Canister in Gray and Navy with silver gray lining ..

Tool Canister, Navy and Stormy Blue
Tool Canister in Navy and Stormy Blue with Silver Gray lining ..

Tool Canister, Super Blue and Black
Tool Canister in Super Blue and Black with silver gray lining ..

Under-seat Tool Canister

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The Under-seat Tool Canister is a compact, very stable, convenient, and easy-to-use alternative to the ubiquitous under-seat wedge pack. It'll hold a spare tube or two, a multi-tool, tire levers, a few other wrenches, etc. To open it, just un-clip the lid; you can either un-clip only one side and tip it towards you, or you can un-clip it all the way and take off the canister part while leaving the lid in place under the saddle until you're done fixing your flat. It has no zipper to get gummed up with grit or corrosion, and it has two places in back where you can mount a tail light. 

But more than that, the Tool Canister is designed to be the perfect complement to larger saddlebags. Its size and semi-rigid structure are designed to offset a saddlebag such as the Dill Pickle Gear Large or Medium (or many other transverse saddlebags as well) from the back of the rider's legs. Its wrap-around strap slips right through the seatpost fitting on the bottom/back of the larger saddlebag to keep it in place. 

By combining the Tool Canister with a larger bag, you can get access to your tools to fix a flat by the side of the road without having to even open your main bag to find them. It also means that on shorter rides, you can leave your tools in place and take off the larger bag when you don't need it, insead of transfering stuff back and forth between saddlebag and seatpack. It can even fit under the saddle in addition to many racks and mounting systems such as the Bagman supports, depending on the position and height of your saddle. 

And like the bigger Dill Pickle saddlebags, you can choose the main color, contrast color, and lining color to match your other gear. 

Approximate dimensions are 6" high in back and 5" in front; 1.5" wide in front and 2.5" wide at the widest point. Internal capacity is about .7 liter, or 43 cubic inches.



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