U-Lock Tote

 U-Lock Tote
 U-Lock Tote  U-Lock Tote  U-Lock Tote  U-Lock Tote  U-Lock Tote  U-Lock Tote  U-Lock Tote  U-Lock Tote
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I’d never have thought of this, except that my better half came to me one evening asking to borrow a scrap of fabric. His idea was to fold it over and sew it into a pocket to strap onto the rack on his commuter bike to carry his U-lock. But I decided I could do better than just give him a scrap of material.

Dill Pickle U-Lock Tote

So the U-Lock Tote was born. It has long straps with a non-slip material on the underside and hook-and-loop fasteners so that it can attach universally to any rack, to the outside of wire baskets, or even to the main triangle of the frame. It’s stabilized by a strap at the bottom that can go around the struts of a rack or around the down tube or seat tube if it’s mounted to the frame.

U-Lock Tote, mounted to rear rack

The Tote is designed to be just complicated enough to remove that you can leave it in place when you lock up in most places, but simple and universal enough that you can move it from bike to bike without too terribly much trouble.

It fits most U-locks (the photos were taken with a Kryptonite New York Lock, which is one of the bulkier ones) but you can always ask about yours if you’re not sure. It’s made of sturdy, weather-resistant material with a sharp reflective stripe, and is open at the bottom so that water can drain. One wide hook-and-loop strap keeps the U-lock secure without bouncing and clattering against the rack and frame.  Made in the USA. Black only.

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