Mudflaps - Reflective

Mudflaps - Reflective
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Dill Pickle Mudflaps are a perfect match for your saddlebag.  The front one keeps your feet dry when you ride through puddles, and the back takes care of the end of the “rooster tail” spray that your rear fender may not be long enough to prevent. If you don’t do it for yourself, do it for your friends riding behind you.

They’re stiffened so that they won’t get sucked up under your fender when you get passed by high speed traffic. Mount them through the brass grommets by drilling small holes in the bottom of your fenders.  Click here for color options.

The contrast stripe version is $22/pair, and the same color choices as the saddlebags apply. The reflective version is $30/pair, and is made in fabric with a glass-bead reflective coating over its entire surface, just like the reflective trim on the saddlebags.  Handmade in Medford, Massachusetts, USA.

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