Custom Designs

Looking for something a little different? Haven’t found quite what you’re looking for anywhere else? Need a bag to fit a customized rack setup, a bike with odd geometry, or to accommodate a particular piece of equipment? Have a great idea of your own? Just drop me a note or use the contact form at the bottom of the page and we’ll talk. Here are a few examples (click on the photos for more details):


Front bag for Randonneuring

Front bag for Randonneuring to go with custom rack

His'n'Hers panniers

Laptop Bag Front

Laptop Bag with Exterior Pockets and Reflective Piping

Recorder Gig Bag

Recorder Gig Bag

A Random Limerick: (if you don’t like it, click “refresh” for another one)

There once was a cyclist named Louise
Who by saddle sores was brought to her knees
Her need was extreme
But with no chamois cream
She used a whole can of Easy-Cheeze.
-E. OB

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