Randonneuring Front Bag

This one was for a fellow Randonneur with a custom ANT bike who was ordering a new fork and a new front rack in order to integrate his lighting setup better, among other things.  He wanted a French-style front bag for easy access while riding, that would be easy to put on and take of, would work without the use of a decaleur, and of course, would match his paint job.  It was helpful that he was having the rack built at the same time, because it meant that the bag and rack could be designed together.  The height was dictated by the height of his bars above his front wheel and the amount of space required for fenders, rack, tires, etc. There’s a slot on the back of the bag for a vertical “tongue” support on the rack, which will stabilize the bag without the need for a decaleur.  It buckles on the bottom with cam buckles rather than velcro for better long-term useability.

The bag has an empty frame on top with a cuesheet/map case that’s big enough for a double-sided 81/2×11″ piece of paper, which folds in half and slips into its frame so that it’s easy to flip the page over without having to stop.  The frame also has a gap in front where it’s sewn down so that you could use a binder clip and a separate page instead.  The lid has a magnetic closure so it’s as easy as possible to get in and out of.  There’s a zippered front pocket and four other exterior pockets to keep items like bike food or tools in easy reach.  The inside also has mesh pockets around the edges to keep things organized, easy to find, and dry.  Like all of my bike bags, it has a zipper in the lining to facilitate repairs or modifications in the future, and light-colored lining to make it easier to see into.




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