Recorder Player’s Gig Bag

As a recorder player, my case needs are always different from one day to the next.  Recorder players need to carry around multiple instruments of different sizes and styles, and cases need to be flexible enough to accommodate a wide variety. I needed a case that can hold everything up to a bass, but I don’t need to carry around a bass all that often and didn’t want that much bulk the rest of the time.  I need to be able to carry around lots of music and/or my laptop, plus a music stand, etc, etc, etc, but at the same time I needed something that would be ergonomic, comfortable, and lightweight.

The design I came up with incorporates deep, flexible dividers with slots in them to maximize use of the interior space and shock cord over them to keep everything together.  The lid has more slots of different lengths, plus a pocket for my tuner.  This case is combined with an expandable two-strap messenger-style backpack with ergonomically-shaped straps and a top portion that can buckle shut at varying heights.  There’s a pocket sized for either a water bottle or a music stand, outer mesh pocket on the case lid, a pocket in the case for pens/pencils, a back compartment for music, and compression straps for stability when it’s expanded.

It’s constructed out of the same materials I use for my saddlebags, with closed-cell foam for structure and padding,  heavy-duty zippers and reflective straps.




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