Hoping to be a force for good in dark times

I’m horrified and appalled at the direction this election has taken. I apologize if that offends anyone, but I hope it doesn’t surprise you.
Part of me wants to hide under the covers and cry. But instead I’m going to take action. 
I want to start a regular charity benefit through Dill Pickle, aimed at the causes and the people that I believe will be the most adversely affected. At the top of my list are climate change and other environmental issues, and issues pertaining to discrimination and harassment against women, non-Christians, people of color, and immigrants. 
I don’t yet know what shape this will take, but I am thinking of making special items on some regular basis to auction or raffle off, and donate the proceeds. These may be large items or small, standard products or special one-off’s. Maybe sometimes it will be a bunch of small things instead of one big thing. It could also just be a voucher for the bag of your choice. I would love to hear your thoughts. 
I am also interested in your thoughts about people or organizations that have the most immediate impact on people’s lives or environmental causes. Is it better to donate to a large national organization, where the money is a drop in the bucket, or is it better to donate to a smaller, more localized effort where the same amount of money makes a bigger impact?
At present, I think I’ll rotate through a new organization on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, in order to help gain visibility for as many of them as possible.
So, please let me know your thoughts. I want to get something going very soon.

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One thought on “Hoping to be a force for good in dark times

  1. Use resources like charity navigator or see if an organization post there tax information and expenditures. This is why people are mad at the Clinton Foundation for using only the bare minimum to qualify as a 501c3. Obviously I’d want to steer you in the direction of military veteran cycling organizations like TeamRWB or Ride2Recovery, though away from some famous veteran service organizations who’ve recently been caught defrauding the vets or have highly paid employees, lobbying cost, ect.

    I realize veterans weren’t your inspired recipients but you did post this the day before Veterans’ day and we’ll all suffer under the leadership of the PE, I had to speak up and try. ;)

    Hope the advice helps you. Mike L. (meet @ NE Builer’s Ball).

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