Living a double life!

Hi Everyone,

This is just a quick post to share with you my big project in my “other life”: I’m making a solo album! It will be unaccompanied music from four centuries (including three brand new pieces written for this project), played on a modernized tenor recorder.

There’s more information on my Indiegogo page, but here is a very quick-and-dirty handful of excerpts:


But don’t worry, I’m still cranking out Dill Pickle bags, too. There are a few new things coming down the pike too, so keep checking back!

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One thought on “Living a double life!

  1. I have listened to several of your recorder music videos and you are great. I’ve been wondering how the Mollenhauer Helder Tenor sounds and you have easily answered that question. I play with the Sacramento Recorder Society and a lot of “Early” music is played. But coming from a flute background I have been looking at the extended range tenor recorders so as to play flute based duets with their wider range than the modern recorder has. I also love your bags but am a year or two from building my next bicycle which will have your bags. I’m in awe of your stamina and strength and wish you continued success in your bicycling endeavors. I’ve been hit twice by cars and I ride everywhere. Once was an older woman who violated my right of way and just ran me over. The next was a drunk speeding late at night as I rode to work and crashing with one of his bounces being me. Both times I was able to deflect the brunt of the collision and in the case of the drunk step up on a very high sidewalk which saved me. This was 40 years ago and I haven’t been hit since. I hope you don’t ever get hit. I raced early NORBA mtb races on one speed bicycles because derailer equipped bicycles always lost their chains due to the severe pounding and vibration. The early NORBA races were often won by one speeders which in those days were called the Iron Man Class. I agree with everything you say about one speeds. Simple, hard to break, easy to maintain, always in the right gear which are as follows: walking the bicycle(usually uphill), running the bicycle(hill is not quite as steep), and riding the bicycle. So it is really a 3 speed bicycle. Again good luck.

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