Welcome to Dill Pickle Gear

Dear Friends, 
Dill Pickle Gear is still operating mostly as normal during the current pandemic situation. At the moment I feel that is still a safe and responsible course of action, because I can go into the shop by bike and work alone in a mostly-empty building. I'll continue to do so for as long as I continue to believe it's responsible and safe, for the sake of others as well as myself. If you have any questions about a pending order or about placing a new one, please contact me. 

Stay safe, and stay away from other people. You can still go on bike rides though!

And if you're looking for useful ways to pass the time inside, have a look at the free projects and tutorials I've posted here over the years. 

Please note that due to the site upgrade, you’ll have to re-register your customer account. If you have any questions about previous orders though, please just ask! 

Handlebar Bag
Large Saddlebag
Handlebar bag
Tool canister
Handlebar bag
Medium saddlebag and tool canister
Medium Panniers
Large and small matching panniers
Brompton office bag
Medium saddlebag
Dill Pickle Gear
Coupled bike bag
Handlebar bag
Small saddlebag
Matching luggage
matching luggage
Matching luggage
Small pannier
Handlebar bag, tool canister, medium saddlebag
Matching luggage