Whatever your saddle and whatever your needs, we've got a saddlebag to suit. This post shows examples of stuff you might carry on a bike trip stuffed into each size. But here's the basic rundown: 

The Small and standard Medium will fit on any saddle, with or without bag loops. The Medium will actually fit on smaller bikes than the Small, even though it holds more. The Medium Plus has the same vertical profile as the medium, and doesn't require any additional clearance, but it remains full-width at the attachment point instead of tapering. That gives it a bit more capacity, but means that it does require either a saddle with bag loops or a bag mount. 

The Large requires either a saddle with bag loops or a saddlebag mount such as the Frost and Sekers mounts we carry. For smaller bikes, the Frost and Sekers mount can help get you a little more height above the rear wheel if your clearance is borderline. But if clearance is tight, we recommend either a Bagman support or a rear rack to support the bottom of the bag. This can be a small, minimal one, it doesn't have to be much. 

The Tool Canister works great by itself to carry just a few small essentials such as a multi-tool, tire lever, and a tube or two. It also works in combination with the Medium or Large saddlebags, to keep the saddlebag from hitting your legs and to keep your tools separated from your clean clothes. 

ProductCapacity (not counting exterior pockets)Approx. DimensionsWeight of Basic Model (not counting additional pockets)Maximum weight (As many options as you can add at the same time)Mounting Req's

Approx. Clearance Needed

Small Saddlebag2.8 liters or 171 cubic inches7" front to back; 7" from top to bottom. Opening is ~6"x6"8.1 oz / 230 grams11.3 oz / 320 gramsSaddle and seatpost. May mount to saddle rails OR to bag loops.8" above rear wheel, as measured from saddle rails or bag loops.

Medium Saddlebag5 liters or 305 cubic inches5" wide at saddle rails; 10" wide at bottom and rear; 7" high; 8" deep.10.2 oz / 289 grams15 oz / 425 gramsSaddle and seatpost. May mount to saddle rails OR to bag loops.6-7" as measured from attachment point (rails or bag loops); less is acceptable if the bag rests on a sturdy fender or other support.

Large Saddlebag11.5 liters or 700 cubic inches11.5" wide, 8.5" high, and 7.5" deep.14.2 oz / 403 grams1 lb 8.3 oz / 689 gramsBag loops or after-market saddlebag mount10-12" as measured from bag loops or attachment point of after-market bag mount. Less clearance is fine if the bag rests on a bag support, rear rack, or sturdy fender.

Tool Canister0.7 liter or 43 cubic inches6" high and 2.5" wide at rear; 5"and 1.5" wide at seatpost.4 oz / 113 grams4 oz / 113 gramsMounts to seatpost and saddle rails.6.5" between saddle rails and significantly protruding parts such as especially bulky seat collars, brake bridges, seatstays, brake hangers or calipers, etc.


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