More info about the Handlebar Bag

More info about the Handlebar Bag

The Dill Pickle Handlebar Bag is the perfect size to hold everything you want easy access to while riding. The lid opens away from you and closes with magnetic snaps that stay securely fastened no matter how bumpy the road, but open easily with no fuss even when wearing thick gloves. And it’s much lighter than most comparably-sized handlebar bags, which are often as heavy as the stuff you put in them. The version with a cuesheet window on the lid and exterior mesh pockets weighs in at 15 ounces, or 425 grams.



The front side is about 11.5"; the back side is 5"; it's about 6" deep from front to back, and about 7" high from top to bottom. The volume is about 3.5 liters.

The bag attaches to the bike by straps around the handlebars, supported by cords that go around the brake levers, and stabilized by straps around the tops of the fork blades. It goes on and off quickly with no tools, leaves no mounting blocks or other hardware behind, and fits most road bikes* (see below for more details if you’re not sure about yours). Its unique trapezoidal shape angles away from the handlebars, so it doesn’t get in the way of wrapping your fingers around the tops of the bars. 

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Like the other Dill Pickle bags it has a lining “skirt” around the opening to help keep stuff from falling out even on bumpy roads while you’re rooting around for a gu packet. And like other Dill Pickle bags, it’ll keep your stuff dry even in a heavy downpour (well, not when the lid is open! ;) ).

Choose from these options: 

  • Cuesheet Window - Choose either a clear vinyl window, open at the sides o it's easy to access, but your cuesheet doesn't go flying when you open the lid, or simple straps at the front and back of the lid that you can use with a separate map case or just with binder clips.
  • Mesh side pockets - Keep a few food items where they're right by your hand, or use them for your empty wrappers.
  • Padded pocket for a cell phone or camera - A padded pocket inside, on the short side of the trapezoid, to keep your digital devices safe and easily accessible. Sized for a small point-and-shoot camera or an average smartphone.
  • Interior mesh pockets - Organize the inside of your bag with a single center pocket, two side pockets, orall of the above. 
  • Name Tag Window - A clear vinyl window on the front of the bag where you can display a souvenir mini license plate, a name tag, photo, totem, etc.

An optional internal padded pocket on the short side of the trapezoid offers protection and easy access for a cell phone or small camera. Other options include exterior nylon cargo mesh pockets, and interior side and front mesh pockets to help keep your stuff organized.

To order, start by adding the basic bag to your shopping cart, and add the options you want individually. Production may take from three to eight weeks; feel free to contact me for a more precise estimate.

HandlebarBagSnaps * The Dill Pickle handlebar bag is compatible with most road bike setups. In most cases, it's even compatible with Shimano shift cables that exit the levers from the sides: the cables can either curve around the front of the bag, or in cases where the bars have an especially short reach, they can curve around the sides. The angled sides will help kep the angle of the cables from getting too severe. 

Additionally, a separate attachment is available to make mounting over top of interrupt levers more practical. 

If you have any questions about your particular setup, send me a description or a photo.

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