Large Saddle Bag

Large Saddle Bag

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The Dill Pickle Gear Large Saddlebag is inspired by traditional British transverse-style saddlebags, but with ligher-weight modern materials and packed with all the features you could want. It's designed to mount on the bag loops of a Brooks or other leather saddle, although there are also many after-market mounting systems available for mounting saddlebags of this type on saddles that don't have loops or on bikes with less clearance above the rear wheel. Here's a useful review of the Dill Pickle Large Saddlebag and the Carradice Bagman support together on

The main compartment, not counting any exterior pockets, has a capacity of roughly 700 cubic inches or 11.5 liters when it's full but not stuffed. It's about 11.5" (29cm) wide, 8.5" (21.6 cm) high, and 7.5" (19cm) deep. Still not sure how big that is? Click here!


The straps are extra long to allow over-stuffing when you need to, and they have strap-keeper clips to secure excess length when you don't. The bag closes with plastic side-release buckles that are still easy to use when you're by the side of the road in the rain in the middle of the night and it's pitch dark.

All large saddlebags have a loop on the lid for attaching a tail light. They also have multiple strap attachment points on the back of the bag, so that you can mount it to whatever point on your bike will keep it the most secure and minimize swaying. Unless you order the mesh lid pocket instead, there are several extra lash-down points on the lid of the bag; extra tie-down straps are available under "accessories".

The basic bag with no additional options weighs about 1 lb or 450 grams; a large saddlebag with Cordura side and rear pockets, extension flap, and brevet card pocket weighs about 1 lb 6 oz, or 625 grams. 

Wondering whose gorgeous bike is in the photos? That's our buddy Elton Pope-Lance's bike, built by J.P. Weigle. You can see more gorgeous bikes on Peter Weigle's photostream.


You can order a finished bag that's currently in stock, or you can design your own and choose from these options:

  • Side pockets - choose either cargo mesh or 3-D Cordura pockets. Either way, they have shock cord cinches at the top, and you can reach them while you're riding. They'll hold a light jacket or an extra water bottle or a sandwich, or any number of other items you might need to access quickly. 
  • Rear pockets - choose either two 3-D pockets with shock cord cinches, or a single wide pocket with a zipper. They're perfect for spare tubes or other things you don't need to reach while you're riding but don't want to have to dig for at the bottom of your bag. 
  • Mesh lid pocket - The basic bag comes with extra lash points on the lid so you can strap down anything that either doesn't fit in your bag or that you'd like to keep separate. But you could also just eliminate the need for extra straps and get a big mesh pocket on the lid, instead. It's a convenient place to stuff the wet jacket you just took off where it won't get the rest of your stuff wet. Many riders can access this pocket while riding, too. You can even use it for an extra tail light - just put the light in the pocket, and it will shine out.
  • Extension flap - If you need to seriously over-stuff your bag on occasion, this flap is an extension of the lid that will make it easier and keep smaller items more secure.
  • Wallet/Brevet card pocket - A dedicated zippered pocket in the lid so you can always find your wallet and your brevet card so you can get in and out of checkpoints quickly.
  • Interior pockets - Choose either two side pockets, a single center pocket, or both to help keep your stuff organized in your bag. 
  • Name tag window - A clear vinyl window on the back of the bag with a velcro opening on the side for displaying a name tag, mini license plate, totem, etc.


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Design Your Own Large Saddle Bag

Design Your Own Large Saddle Bag

More Details: The ultimate saddlebag to carry everything you need for a long Randonnee or a week..


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