Small Saddle Bag

Small Saddle Bag

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The Small Saddlebag is similar in construction to the Large, but with a more compact, tapered profile. It can mount to any saddle, not just ones with bag loops. At under 10 oz, it's similar in weight to many wedge-style seat packs, but it's larger and much more versatile. It's made of a sturdy Cordura exterior with a high-quality coated nylon lining that's constructed as a separate piece to resist the weather. You can see a review of the Small Saddlebag with the camera insert here on Lovely Bicycle.

It has an internal capacity of about 2.8 liters when it's more or less full but not stuffed, but the lining "skirt" and the adjustable closure strap mean that you can stuff a whole lot more on top of that.

It's roughly 7" from front to back, and roughly 6 1/2" from top to bottom.  The opening is roughly 6"x6". These are fairly rough measurements too, as it isn't square in any direction.

The stuff in this photo fits comfortably with a little room to spare. Still not sure how big it actually is? Click here!

 Available options include: 

  • Mesh Side Pockets - These side pockets are accessible while you ride, making them perfect for bars, arm warmers, or even an extra beverage. Bags without a mesh lid pocket have a loop for a tail light.
  • Mesh Lid Pocket - It's reachable for some riders, and it's great for stashing a light jacket or a vest, particularly if it's wet and you want to keep it separated from the rest of your stuff. The elastic loops on the sides are a convenient place to put a pump that won't otherwise fit inside.
  • Wallet/Brevet Card Pocket - A zippered pocket in the lid provides a convenient place to stash the valuables that you need easy access to when you stop.
  • Interior mesh pockets - Keep your stuff organized inside your bag with mesh pockets on the sides, in the center, or both.
  • Name Tag Window - A clear window on the lid sized for a name tag, totem, club logo, mini license plate, etc.
  • Padded Camera Insert - fits a DSLR camera. 





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