Brompton Basket

Ever since I made one of these for the author of Lovely Bicycle,  I've been getting requests for front baskets for these nifty little bikes. The basket clicks into a mount on the front of the head tube, for a convenient place to stash your stuff. And the clever design of the bike means that you can even fold it with the basket still in place.

The Brompton basket is available in two styles: The Traditional style has a taller frame with a rigid handle in addition to webbing handles, and you can still ride with it folded flat. However, due to its height it cannot be used with the "S type" straight handlebars.

The Low style is deeper from front to back, but shorter and with no rigid handle in the frame. This allows it to fit on a Brompton with straight "S-type" handlebars. It can be folded flat for storage, but not while riding. 

Either style is available with the following options:

• Front pocket with velcro lid

• Side slot-style pockets, with or without lid

• Right and left rear pockets, either shock cord style or zip style

• Lining "skirt" to prevent flyaway cargo

• Integrated rain cover

• Pack hooks around the top edge plus bungee cargo net

Design Your Own Brompton Basket (ALL Brompton handlebar styles)

Design Your Own Brompton Basket (ALL Brompton handlebar styles)

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