• Design Your Own Touring Pannier - Small size
  • Design Your Own Touring Pannier - Small size
  • Design Your Own Touring Pannier - Small size
  • Design Your Own Touring Pannier - Small size
  • Design Your Own Touring Pannier - Small size
  • Design Your Own Touring Pannier - Small size
  • Design Your Own Touring Pannier - Small size

Graphical "Configurator" coming soon, but you can still order in the meantime!

Dill Pickle touring panniers feature the same sturdy, lightweight, rain-proof construction as the saddlebags. Like the saddlebags, they have a floating lining constructed as a separate piece to keep the water out, and a zipper in the lining so you can get in between the layers to make repairs if needed. Choose from three sizes and three attachment styles. 

The small and medium panniers are symmetrical in their overall profile, and have a tapered profile which improves heel clearance. The strap design helps pull everything securely together so they don't need too much heavy, rigid structure; as a result, they are quite light, at around one pound for the Small and a bit more for the Medium. These two sizes are ideal for either front or rear racks. 

For size reference, the first image below is of a 54cm bike wearing Small panniers in front and Medium panniers in back. The second image is of the same bike with Small panniers in front and Large panniers in back. I don't even want to think about how much it weighed that day!



NOTE!!: Although the main profile of the Small and Medium panniers is symmetrical, you can configure the pockets on the right and left sides independently. So think about which side of the bike they will go on. A pocket on the left side of the pannier will face the FRONT of the bike if the pannier is on the LEFT side of the rack; the same pocket will face the REAR of the bike if the pannier is on the RIGHT side.

If you select the "Mirror Image Pair" option along with entering a quantity of 2 when you add the pannier to your cart, a feature you specified on the left side will be on the left on one pannier and on the right on the other, so as to face the same direction when the panniers are on the bike. 


Approximate Capacity* and Dimensions not including exterior pockets:

• Small: 11.5 liters / 700 cubic inches; 14" high x 9.5" wide x 5.5" deep / 35.5cm x 24cm x 12.5 cm

• Medium: 17 liters / 1040 cubic inches; 15.5" x 10.5" x 6.5" / 39.5cm x 26.5cm x 16.5 cm

• Large: 36 liters / 2200 cubic inches; 16" x 14" x 8" / 40.5 cm x 35.5 cm x 20cm



Choose Jandd pannier hooks or Arkel pannier hooks. Jandd hooks are simple, basic, sturdy plastic-coated hooks that will fit most racks. Arkel hooks are heavier and bulkier, but they are easily adjustable to fit different racks and have an automatic locking cam system that makes getting them off and securely on again a piece of cake.


 • Side Shock Cord Pocket (specify right or left): Standard Dill Pickle pocket with shock cord cinching the top is perfectly sized for water bottles, rain jackets, or even beverages in to-go cups if you are careful. These pockets sit high enough on the side of the pannier that they usually should not cause heel clearance issues, so they work well when facing forward on a rear-mounted bag because you can reach them while riding.

• Side Zippered Pocket: Long exterior pocket with a zipper fits pump, tools, tent stakes, etc. Best for the rear-facing side of a rear-mounted pannier, due to heel clearance.

• Side D-rings: These let you attach other items to the side of the pannier. They're particularly good for the rear-facing side of a rear-mounted pannier, for carrying long items like tent poles, fishing rods, or sleeping pads that otherwise don't fit neatly inside the bag. Not recommended on the front-facing side on bikes with shorter chainstays.

• Exterior Mesh Pocket: Particularly good for wet jackets, shoes, etc. 

• Zig-zag shock cord: Another way of attaching stuff that is wet or dirty, or won't fit inside, or that you want quick access to

• Zippered Lid Pocket: Pocket is accessed from the under-side of the lid to keep water and dirt out of the zipper. It's a good place for wallet, cell phone, maps, or other small essentials. 

• Interior Mesh Pockets: Breathable mesh pockets on the front and/or back inside surfaces help organize your load. 


* Capacity is approximate because you can actually over-stuff them fuller than this, but the numbers give you a general idea.

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Design Your Own Touring Pannier - Small size

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