• Traveler Bag for Coupled Bikes
  • Traveler Bag for Coupled Bikes
  • Traveler Bag for Coupled Bikes
  • Traveler Bag for Coupled Bikes
  • Traveler Bag for Coupled Bikes

The Traveler Bag allows you to pack a bike with a separable frame into a non-oversized item of luggage. Its outside dimensions are 26" x 26" x 10". This measurement avoids oversize charges with most airlines, while still accommodating most adult-sized coupled bikes with 700c wheels. 
The Dill Pickle Traveler Bag is designed to be as lightweight and minimal as possible while still protecting your ride, which means that if you're doing a point-to-point tour, you can bundle it up into a package that isn't out of the question to bike with and is more practical and economical to ship ahead to your endpoint than a rigid case. 

Stow-able backpack straps let you carry your packed bike hands-free until you are able to unpack it.

The padding for the front and back is provided by packing your clothing or other soft items into the outside pockets, which cuts down on the amount of additional luggage you need to travel with. The plastic pieces that wrap around the perimeter are modular and removable so that you can roll the whole bag up reasonably small. If you want to go even lighter, you can even replace the plastic with a disposable alternative such as cardboard. Toss the cardboard when you arrive and start your ride; it's usually not too hard to find more cardboard such as discarded boxes at the other end of your trip. 

To pack the bike, one wheel goes on the bottom, followed by the fork and the two pieces of the frame, wrapped in padding for protection from scrapes. The bottom straps cinch all of those pieces together. The second wheel may be strapped to the lid. Fill the outside pockets with soft items such as clothing to help pad the bike. Cinch the outer straps snug when everything is packed. 

The main structure of the bag is made of extra-strong ballistic nylon (gray only), with the outside panels in Cordura nylon in the color of your choice. They are made to order, so please allow 3-5 weeks for shipping - although as always, if you have specific travel dates in mind and you're in more of a hurry, please check with me! I am sometimes able to squeeze your order in sooner when needed. 

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Traveler Bag for Coupled Bikes

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