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  • Reflective Sash
  • Reflective Sash
  • Reflective Sash

Lots of reflective sashes, belts, and vests look very "high-vis" during the day, because they have large areas of neon colors. But when you shine a light on them in the dark, you realize that the actual reflective part consists of a narrow printed stripe, often no more than 1/2" wide. And on top of that, the heat-applied reflective surface rubs off easily and is often a lot less bright when it's wet. 

These sashes are made of 3M SOLAS material like the reflective ankle bands. It's soft and pliable, and it's some of the brightest reflective material around even when it's wet. With straps only 1", the sash is a comfortable, cooler alternative to a vest that can adjust to fit whatever layers you're wearing and won't obstruct access to your jersey pockets.

The sash's cross-over design means that there is ample reflective material visible from all angles, particularly from the direction of cars approaching from behind. And the obvious "X" across the back clearly outlines a human torso. 

Even when adjusted to its smallest size, this sash easily meets the Reflectivity Guidelines of Randonneurs USA, which calls for a minimum of 30 square inches of reflective surface visible from the back, and 27 square inches on the front/shoulder. Even if you are not participating in a RUSA event, this is still good advice, particularly if you are riding in a rural area without much street lighting.

IMPORTANT: The belt adjusts from 25" to 48" and the shoulder straps adjust from 30" in length to 50" in length. Before ordering, I recommend measuring while wearing the bulkiest garments you're likely to want to wear the sash over (including items in rear jersey pockets, if you think you will want to wear the belt at that height). If you need a sash to be either larger or smaller than this, please enter the maximum measurements you need into the spaces provided BEFORE adding to your cart.

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Reflective Sash

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