• "Bike There"

"Bike There" Is a little mini-comic book by Dill Pickle's neighbor, Bikeyface. It's all about how to get started cycling for transportation. It's cuter, more whimsical, and more fun than most other books and pamphlets on the subject.

I'll admit that there's a bit of an ulterior motive in offering this booklet to Dill Pickle customers: I want more people on bicycles. I want more public awareness of bicycles and their rights on the road. I think this booklet a nice, friendly vehicle for a little public education. Even if you're an experienced commuter, buy this book and keep it on your coffee table. Use the funny pictures to show your non-cycling friends what the deal is with the door zone. Show people who think bikes are only for kids and athletes that actually, bikes are for everybody. Give a copy to someone who's just heading off to college and thinking of getting around campus by bike, or someone who's trying to drive less.

Even if you only ride for sport or don't live in the city, increasing the number of people riding safely and the number of drivers who are aware of cyclists makes the roads safer for all of us. So by offering this book, I'm hoping we can all use it to help us spread the word in a way that is fun and friendly. 

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"Bike There"

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