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Cases for early music instruments are a unique issue, and there are unfortunately very few choices.  Early instruments aren’t as standardized as modern instruments, so mass-produced molded hard cases aren’t available.  And the musicians who play them often need to carry around more instruments of more different types than modern musicians.  And not only does every musician have a different combination of instruments to carry around, we often need a different combination from one day to the next!

The Dill pickle gig bag is a unique soft-sided case designed for maximum flexibility. It can has nine slots and can hold Soprano, Alto, and Tenor recorders with all three disassembled; or SSAAT; or SATT; etc. It is lined with sturdy nylon oxford in bright red that won’t snag on keywork, with a sturdy, water-resistant 500-denier nylon canvas exterior in concert black.  The four slots on the inside of the lid are long enough for a typical Baroque alto center joint or for the center and foot together of a soprano, and wide enough for the foot joint of a large 415 tenor.  The five facing slots are long enough for the center joint of a large 415 tenor, the center and foot of an alto, or a fully-assembled soprano.  Each row of slots has a padded flap to keep instruments from rattling against each other.

Sides and interior slots are well-padded with closed-cell foam. The other compartment is roomy enough for your stand and music, even in a large binder, pens, pencils and other items.  There’s a zippered pocket on the exterior lid and another on the inside. The strap is 2″ wide for comfort and extra long so that the bag can be worn either as a shoulder bag or as a backpack.

The standard model is pictured, but the interior can be customized to some extent (more slots that are narrower, for example).  And of course, a selection of custom colors is available (additional fees and/or lead time for custom colors may apply) Please use the contact form at the bottom of the page, or check out the custom designs page.


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