New Website!

As you can see, Dill Pickle Gear has a new look! I’ve also put up a whole bunch of new stock, too. The coolest part, though, is the new “Configurator” for the bike bags and mudflaps that lets you select your colors and options and have the picture change to reflect your choices. By the way, the “Configurator” and all the new store stuff is the work of my friend Cathy Stein, a fellow musician as well as a web developer.

We’ve also switched to a new payment system. Google Checkout has been fine, but it’s being discontinued. But the new system is just as safe and secure for making credit card orders, and as a bonus it doesn’t require creating an account if you’d rather not.

By the way, you may not have known this, but Dill Pickle Gear has a Facebook page. And as of quite recently, it also tweets on Twitter as @DillPickleGear. So if you’re into the social media thing, come check us out.


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