Large Saddlebag reviewed on Gravelbike

Check out this new review of the Dill Pickle Large Saddlebag, combined with a review of the new Bagman 2 saddlebag support.

In particular, the photos look exceptionally clear and make it very easy to see what’s what and how stuff goes together, which is not always easy when photographing saddlebags!

Large Saddlebag with Bagman support


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Dill Pickle Gear featured on Lovely Bicycle!

I’m belated in posting this, but have a look at this lovely feature on Dill Pickle bags on the blog Lovely Bicycle!

The author lives locally and came by to see what it’s all about, have a chat, and take photos of my work room. And it’s a glimpse of the new camera insert, which I haven’t yet had time to photograph and add to the site.

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