Another Assorted Gallery


I’ve been meaning to add more to the Gallery page and haven’t gotten around to it, so here’s some more stuff in no particular order:








Dill Pickle Gear Standard Recorder Gig Bag – 9 slots that fit soprano through tenor recorders, plus a separate compartment that can fit oversized scores, a folding stand, etc, including an internal zippered pocket plus pencil slots, and an accessory pocket on the outside as well. Please inquire about current availability.


flute_bag_2 flute_bagThis was a padded backpack gig bag for historical flutes.









Those two boxy handlebar bags lower down the page look like they’re the same size, but they’re not! Here’s the blue one, along with its matching Large Saddlebag. In case you are thrown off by the scale, that is NOT a small bike:



Lastly, a photo of the most involved “custom project” I have ever undertaken. I’ve been meaning (well, for going on five years now…) to write a whole page about the process of making it, since other people’s blog posts about similar projects were absolutely invaluable to someone with plenty of experience making bike stuff, but not so much this: It was my sister’s wedding dress.

julie wedding dress1 julie wedding dress back



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2 thoughts on “Another Assorted Gallery

  1. That’s a splendid — and apparently complicated! — wedding dress.

    I clearly ought to wander by here more often.

    As of the end of August, that extra-large front bag has now survived being hit by a car; pretzeled the rack struts, totalled the front hub, and the builder described the fork as “mangled” on the invoice for the replacement, but the bag sailed through intact. (The rider was mildly bruised.)

    You make really good stuff.

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