Hoping to be a force for good in dark times

I’m horrified and appalled at the direction this election has taken. I apologize if that offends anyone, but I hope it doesn’t surprise you.
Part of me wants to hide under the covers and cry. But instead I’m going to take action. 
I want to start a regular charity benefit through Dill Pickle, aimed at the causes and the people that I believe will be the most adversely affected. At the top of my list are climate change and other environmental issues, and issues pertaining to discrimination and harassment against women, non-Christians, people of color, and immigrants. 
I don’t yet know what shape this will take, but I am thinking of making special items on some regular basis to auction or raffle off, and donate the proceeds. These may be large items or small, standard products or special one-off’s. Maybe sometimes it will be a bunch of small things instead of one big thing. It could also just be a voucher for the bag of your choice. I would love to hear your thoughts. 
I am also interested in your thoughts about people or organizations that have the most immediate impact on people’s lives or environmental causes. Is it better to donate to a large national organization, where the money is a drop in the bucket, or is it better to donate to a smaller, more localized effort where the same amount of money makes a bigger impact?
At present, I think I’ll rotate through a new organization on a monthly or bi-monthly basis, in order to help gain visibility for as many of them as possible.
So, please let me know your thoughts. I want to get something going very soon.

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