#PickleProject: Travel accessories and zippers and Duffel bags, oh my!

Since I didn’t get around to doing a holiday project last year, I’m doing a big one this year. So big that it has morphed into two travel-themed parts that I hope will also work well as tutorials for generally useful skills and inspiration for other future projects.

Travel Accessories

Part 1 has some basics about sewing in zippers (it’s easy! really!!) and making various small bags and pouches that can be great as travel accessories, school supplies, a way to organize your backpack or all those chargers and cords, etc. 

Part 2 extends the same concepts a little further to make two different styles of duffel bag. These look complicated and fancy, but I promise you they are easier than they look and quite accessible.

Duffel Bags

And the variations are endless. If you look around, you’ll see all kinds of items made basically the same way; from designer luggage to dollar store pencil cases. They can be quilted, they can be waterproof, they can be colorful, they can be plain; use cotton, nylon, leather, clear vinyl, or recycled materials. 

I hope you enjoy these projects! I would love to see what you make. Please don’t be shy about asking questions, or making requests for future projects! 

As always, I make these tutorials available free of charge for your personal use. So if you enjoy them, please consider making a donation to a worthy bike advocacy organization. Thanks!

Part 1: 

Pickle Project_ Travel Accessories and Zipper Tutorials

Part 2: 

Pickle Project_ Duffel Bags and 3-D shapes for more travel accessories

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