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It’s been awhile since the last news item! Where did the time all go?!? 

For the first order of business, we’ve got a couple of new things up on the website: SOLAS Reflective Ankle Bands and the Commuter Combo Pack (more on those below).

Also, the shade of tan that has been one of our stock colors has been discontinued, so we’re phasing it out. We’ll replace it with a new stock color, and we want your input! Please click here and fill out this very, very quick survey and let us know what you think: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BT9CVXR

The color choices are here in this image. The top is gray and the bottom is navy, just for reference. The first on the left is the tan that’s on its way out. The rest, from left to right, are khaki, stormy blue, wine, and olive. If there’s another color you’d like instead, there’s a place for that in the survey, too!

color choices dill pickle

So, now that you’ve taken the survey (which only took you about a minute, so if you haven’t taken it, you should!), here’s the scoop on the new stuff. The SOLAS ankle bands are made of what we think is just about the greatest stuff there is for this application. It’s sturdy and soft against your skin, and it’s REALLY bright even when it’s wet. Ours are 2″ wide with velcro that’s only 1″ wide, which means that there’s a good amount of reflective area visible all the way around even if some of the velcro is showing. And the hook side is shorter than the loop side so they won’t snag your socks. Reflective ankle bands are required at night for RUSA events and many other endurance events, plus they’re a must for commuting in street clothes to keep your pants out of your drivetrain. SOLAS stands for “Safety Of Life At Sea”, because this material is approved by the Coast Guard for marine applications. So it holds up really well against the salt, sand, and slush one encounters in the city in the winter!

commuter combo pack 2014-11-20 16.15.01-1 2014-11-20 16.15.36-1

And speaking of commuting, we’re also introducing the Commuter Combo Pack. It makes a practical gift for anyone you’re trying to encourage to commute by bike, or for someone who’s been commuting forever. It includes a U-Lock Tote, the SOLAS ankle bands, and the new mini-comic book “Bike There” by Dill Pickle’s neighbor Bikeyface. It’s a cute, fun how-to guide for getting started riding around town. But even if you already know what you’re doing, you can still pass on the book to someone who needs encouragement. Or leave it on your coffee table and show your non-cycling friends the parts that show why cyclists shouldn’t ride in the door zone, how to take the lane, how to make left turns, etc. Our ulterior motive in offering the booklet in the combo pack is that we think educating the public about safe cycling is good for everyone, even those who don’t live in the city or ride for transportation. We hope that you’ll be able to use the booklet to help spread the word to your family and friends (so of course, we’re also offering the booklet by itself, for $10).

Speaking of gifts, it’s getting down to the wire if you want any “design-your-own” orders before Dec. 24th, so if you’re thinking of getting customized bike bags as gifts, get your orders in by the end of this week. Although if you don’t, there will still be stuff in stock that’s ready to go out, not to mention gift certificates.

Happy riding, and keep the rubber side down when the ice hits!

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