New Today!! The Dill Pickle Gear SuperMini Saddlebag!

All new just for today, Dill Pickle Gear makes an unbelievable breakthrough in lightweight gear. The price is unbelievable, because the bag is just that amazing!

The all-new, ground-breaking Dill Pickle Gear SuperMini Saddlebag is designed just for the discerning minimalist weight weenie. 


It has the same great features as its larger cousins, such as mesh side pockets and reflective trim, but weighs in at an ASTOUNDING 0.5 oz! 

It is perfect for credit card touring, in that it has enough room for a credit card. And some cash, a convenience store discount card, and your keys. Well, one key. 


The SuperMini is available only in hot pink, because if you are not man enough for a hot pink saddlebag, you should really get something bigger to carry your baggage. You know, like spare tubes and tire levers and tools and stuff. 

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