Pickle Project: BYO Silverware Roll

During the Covid pandemic, lots of us are eating take-out at times when we would have dined in before. That means a huge amount of additional trash in the form of single-use takeout containers, bags, etc. It’s pretty hard to get your food without the container, but at least the disposable silverware is easily avoided! 

Portable Utensil Rolls, three ways

Portable Utensil Rolls, three ways

These handy little silverware rolls make a compact and convenient package with a cloth napkin and real, washable utensils so you always have them when you need them. So you can still support your favorite local eateries during the pandemic, while creating just a little less trash. I like to ask for my food with no lid, no bag, nothing except what it takes to hold the food; then I sit down in the grass or on a bench outside and eat with my own portable utensils. 

Folding utensils and a cloth napkin

Folding utensils and a cloth napkin

As always, there are several options you can choose from or modify to suit your needs. There are many, many options out there for portable utensils – camping sporks, folding flatware, screw-together chopsticks, compact silverware, etc; and many of these come in packages with multiples, so you can put together sets for everyone on your gift list. 

And these little rolls are a great way to re-use and upcycle fabric in smaller pieces – good sources of materials include old clothing, pillow cases, tote bags, etc. If you have quilting cotton left over from making face masks, this is a great way to use some of it. Anything you can easily wash.


PDF of the full project:

Pickle Project – Portable Utensil Set

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