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Hi there, project pals! 
As you know, I post free projects and tutorials to share my love of making cool stuff. But also because I like to push back against the shop-til-you-drop holiday culture where we have to prove that we care for our loved ones by buying each other crap we don’t need which we then have to stand in line to return when the holidays are over. 

I much prefer the idea of making gifts by hand that are useful and thoughtful. It’s more personal when you’ve put your own time and work into something, and just about everyone has a good use for good, well-thought-out basics. Be sure to check out previous years’ projects for all sorts of goodies!

Not to mention that learning to make your own stuff exactly the way you want it is really fun! And no one knows exactly what you need better than you do! 

So this year I decided to work on indoctrinating the next generation. My neice and nephew are getting to ages that I was when I started learning how to make stuff in various ways, so for their gifts I wrote them a knitting book.  I gave them each a kit that included yarn, knitting needles, and a small swatch already started that they could practice on. Knitting for James and Ellen

And I’m also sharing the book with you! 


Knitting for James and Ellen

The book contains simple, straightforward instructions with photos of every step, on how to knit and purl, how to cast on and bind off, and how to make a very easy hat and an even easier ear warmer. Photos show both English and Continental styles of knitting (the difference is which hand holds the working yarn). If you’ve never knitted before, this is a great place to start! If you have knitted before, but would like to teach a friend, it makes a great starter pack. Put together the yarn and needles mentioned in the book (Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick and Quick, which is easy to find) and either print the book or include a link to the PDF, and you’ve got a learn-to-knit kit that you can customize for the recipient’s preferences. 

A bit off the beaten track of Pickle Projects, but I hope you enjoy it nonetheless! 

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